Andy Yew

iMX53 QSB with HAB Encrypted setup?

Discussion created by Andy Yew on Oct 21, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2011 by Daiane Angolini

I've got the MCIMX53SRM and I've signed the NDA from Freescale Representative to get it. However, it's not easy to make it into usable form.


Thus, i need somebody to help here. Could anyone suggest or provide some guides in setting up a High Assurance Boot Encrypted like what is described in document FTF11_IND_F0331.pdf page-22 ?? Any help with STEP BY STEP guide? Please........


I suppose there must be some AES encryption SW to be installed during Virtual Machine setup with a keyblob too. What encryption system do we have to install in VM and how do we link/implant the secret key to the eFuse. Lastly, most importantly, how to burn the eFuse for such purpose?


I'm using iMX53 QSB straight for production and we're not going to fabricate a custom board with iMX processor. And i'm sure this post will be of interest to tens of thousands of amateurs that are just getting started with iMX processor and planning to use QSB as a production board (minimum setup cost).