Balaji Sivakumar

Imx53 with SPI EEPROM(AT25512)

Discussion created by Balaji Sivakumar on Oct 20, 2011



Am using IMX53 QSB Board for my development activities, i have taken the ESCPI1(SS, CLK,MOSI, MISO) to connect it to the SPI EEPROM through Q13 expansion connector.  i have enabled the MUx settins and am able to communication with the SPI eeprom by enabling write enable and read it status.

But when i try to write and read to the same eeprom, am am not able to read it exact values due to the byte alignment.Am currently using OBDS tests for imx53.

could anyone have already have any test app to verify spi eeprom in OBDS or Linux, if means please share.