Nathan Vonada

imx53 QSB audio off to a slowwww start

Discussion created by Nathan Vonada on Oct 20, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2011 by Nathan Vonada
Looks like it took me about an hour to screw up the ubuntu image that came with my QSB.  I booted the image and played with the demos for a while then decided to hook up some speakers.  No sound.  I tried using alsamixer to bump up the volume but that did not work.  Now alsamixer will not run anymore.  Then I found the volume control on the system menu and tried that.  Got a message "waiting fro the sound system to respond".  Following some hints found in a google search I installed pulseaudio using apt-get.  Now not only do I not have any sound but the video playback is choppy and the timing is off.  Does anyone have any ideas?