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MCF522333 + MCF52223 availability

Discussion created by ricardo ricardo on Mar 15, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2007 by Alexandre Kremer
I have accompanying MCF5223x since FTF 2005, when we decided to use it after that FTF, since the information we received stating some months later the chip would available.
Considering it, we abandoned NE64 and other devivices....so we started to use PCF52233 parts, waiting for the final MCF52233 devices...
Now, March 2007, my company, a design house,  has "already" concluded 4 designs, and 3 in development stage,  with this chip, but our costumers are complaining they cannot produce their equipments because this chip is not available yet..they received the information that only in may the chip will be available.
a) Is there some of you producing equipments wich use MCF5223x ?
b) Has someone a different information/situation  about it?
c) We started a design with MCF52223? ...have some of you produced with this chips ?
Freescale good boys...could you tell us, loyalty guys, a good console about it?
Ricardo Raupp