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MC9S08GT32A - Can't zap the flash (any more)

Discussion created by Richard Serge on Mar 15, 2007
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If I had enough hair to spare I'd be pulling it out over this. This flash programming routine *USED* to work, until I went through all my code and took out the use of the COP timer. I must have done something but I'll be darned if I can find it. Someone, please have a look and make a suggestion. I'd appreciate it. It was derived from an app note and section 4.4.4 of the data sheet.

The facts:
I get an access error (FACCERR set) when I attempt to program.
The FCDIV register was written with $98 just after reset (BusClk=14.68MHz, FlashClk=180KHz).
The NVPROT register is $98 (FPOPEN set & $F000-$FFFF protected).
The NVOPT is $FE although I didn't do it (debugger?). Sec1:smileyfrustrated:ec0 = 10 = unsecured.

The strange thing is, FACCERR is becoming set as soon as the instruction to clear it is executed. If you'll notice the "###" within the comments, that's where I'm grabbing and saving the FSTAT register. The 3 samples of FSTAT (at $FB, $FC, $FD) are $C0, $D0, $D0. So, you see that FACCERR is getting set when it is supposed to be getting cleared.

Here's the code (that runs from RAM):

; When FLPROG is called, stack is a mess. It looks like:
;          1:2,sp                           Return addr (to Progflash).
;          3:FLprogSize+2,sp                This subroutine.
;          FLprogSize+3:FLprogSize+4,sp     Flash address to be prog.
;          FLprogSize+5,sp                  Byte Count (0=256).
;          FLprogSize+6:FLprogSize+7,sp     Return addr.
;          FLprogSize+8:FLprogSize+9,sp     Source address of prog data.

FLPROG     LDX        FSTAT      ;### TEST
           STX        $FB        ;### TEST. Saved FSTAT is $C0
           sta        FSTAT      ;abort any command and clear errors (A = $30)
           BPL        FLPROG2    ;WAIT FOR FCBEF SET (READY 4 CMND).
           STA        $FC        ;### TEST. Saved FSTAT is $D0, FACCERR set!
           LDHX       LOW(FLprogSize+8),SP  ;GET SOURCE ADDR. ($0198)
           LDA        0,X        ;GET DATA AT SOURCE.
           AIX        #1         ;BUMP SOURCE ADDR.
           STHX       LOW(FLprogSize+8),SP
           ldhx       LOW(FLprogSize+3),sp  ;get flash address from stack ($8200)
           sta        0,x        ;write to flash; latch addr and data
           AIX        #1         ;BUMP FLASH ADDR.
           STHX       LOW(FLprogSize+3),sp
           lda        #$25       ;get flash command, Burst Program.
           sta        FCMD       ;write the flash command
           lda        #$80
           sta        FSTAT      ;[pwpp] register command
           nop                   ;[p] want min 4~ from w cycle to r
           LDA        FSTAT
           STA        $FD        ;### TEST. Saved FSTAT is $D0 (FACCERR still set)
           BIT        #%00110000
           BNE        FLprogEnd  ;error if FPVIOL or FACCERR bit set.
           DBNZ       LOW(FLprogSize+5),sp,FLPROG2  ;do for COUNT bytes.
CkFPDone   lda        FSTAT      ;[prpp] so FCCF is valid
           lsla                  ;FCCF now in MSB
           bpl        CkFPDone   ;Loop until prog complete.
FLprogEnd  rts                   ;back into ProgFlash in flash
FLprogSize equ        (*-FLPROG)