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Changing LTIB build settings

Discussion created by Ian Guest on Oct 19, 2011
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Hi all,

After much scouring of the internet and LTIB.org, I do not seem to find a way of changing build settings in LTIB for the i.mx233.

What I need to do is change the elftosb2 settings that is invoked right at the end of the build process. The default settings include a -z as a zero encryption key for the final *.sb file to be targetted on an SD card.

The Chumby hacker board has the OTP fuse set to no encryption, so this option needs to be removed in the build settings to produce a bootable image for the i.mx233 on the chumby hacker board.

I have tried to do the final build steps manually - but the LTIB build deletes several intermediate files that prevent me from doing this. More suitable (and infinitely more desirable) would be to find where in the LTIB scripts the -z option is and to modify/remove it via a script - but even searching for elftosb throughout the LTIB directories yielded not match. I have found it in one of the RPM's but am at a loss of how to extract and rebuild the RPM again.

Could someone please point me in the right direction. This will also open the doors for the LTIB distribution to build on the Chumby hacker board.