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New Android R10.3.1 Patch BSP for i.MX51 and i.MX53 -blog archive

Discussion created by Enrique Ochoa Vazquez Employee on Oct 18, 2011

The new Android R10.3.1 patch release is now available on the www.freescale.com page.


  • Files available



IMX5X_R10_31_ANDROID_DOCSBUNDLEAndroid BSP Documentation. Includes Android R10.3.1 Release Notes and User's Guide


IMX5X_R10_31_ANDROID_SOURCECODEAndroid R10.3.1 Demo Image, documentation and Source Code for BSP and Codecs..


ACCP_CODECS_ANDROID_10_31ACC Plus Codec for Android  R10.3.1



  • Target HW boards
    • i.MX51 EVK 
    • i.MX53 SMD


  • What we got in this release
    • GPS
      • We integrate the Atheros GPS into this release. The default antenna is not good in Rev D board.
    • Overscan 
    • Http live streaming.
      • We implement the Http live streaming in this release. So for the streaming feature, R10.3.1 support RTSP,HTTP, HTTP Live.
    • Bug Fixing
      • We focus on Power/Battery, Multimedia/audio, Multimedia/codec, Multimedia/camera, Connectivity/Ethernet, Connectivity/USB,Connectivity/wifi. Our target is to improve the stability. 


  • What are the main issues left
    • For known issues and limitations please consult the release notes.