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MC13213 SRB: How to produce .s19 file?

Question asked by Leo Rossi on Mar 14, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2007 by Alessandro Dionisi

this is a newbie speaking.

I refer to MC13213 SRB, so the CPU is HC9S08GT60.
I use Codewarrior 5.7.0.

I am working with a MC13213 SRB board in a lab.

This board has not a BDM cable, has not a serial interface.
So I can not use BDM debugger, I can not use serial monitor.

The board has a USB interface that I use to flash some freescale .s19 files using
test tool's embedded bootloader. This procedure seems to work only with
freescale files.

My question:
How can i produce a *working* .s19 file to simply upload into the board?
What is the correct procedure for this?

I searched anywhere in freescale docs, but cant find this info.

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