Martin Hollenweger

Error in xldr.s (iMX35 Win CE 6.0)

Discussion created by Martin Hollenweger on Oct 18, 2011

To all user of the WinCe6.0 BSP for the iMX35:

There is a nasty error in the xldr.s file if you have 256MByte of DDR2.

The DDR2 on the second chip-select do not get initialized properly do to a simple copy error:

The Address for the  initialization of the DDR2 where coded hard in the code for the first Bank, and the programmer forgot to change them for the second Bank (Init of DDR2 registers: EMR1, EMR2, EMR3). The original Samsung DDR2 (K4T51163QE) seems to work with the wrong code (the PDK is working with the wrong code), but for example my Micron DDR2 (MT47H32M16) do not work without setting this registers to the right value.