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Inflexion for iMX53 questions

Discussion created by Jim Hollister on Oct 17, 2011
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I'm planning to use Inflexion to develop the UI for a new iMX535-based project. I'm currently using the IMX53 Quick Start Board as a development platform. I've watched the Inflexion training videos and read the Inflexion UI Express documentation, but still have some unanswered questions regarding the use of Inflexion with the iMX53:


1) Are there limitations on the LCD panel I choose for my system, such as pixel dimensions, bits per pixel, or any other limitations I should know about before choosing my target LCD display? I'm using the Quick Start Board's Seiko LCD right now but plan to replace it with a different one with better brightness and viewing angle, and a capacitive touchscreen.


2) Will Inflexion support multi-touch gestures (like two-finger zoom) on my capacitive touchscreen? 


3) Does Inflexion for iMX53 come with plug-in elements I can use to play videos and display photos in my Inflexion-based UI?


Any help is much appreciated,


Jim Hollister