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Unusual 'expected error' for HC08!

Question asked by anoop gojanur on Mar 14, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2007 by CrasyCat

I'm trying to build an application around HCS08 MCU and MC13213 transceiver using CW IDE version 5.7.
The following code is from the application source code file:

extern tTxPacket gsTxPacket;
extern tRxPacket gsRxPacket;

/* Initialize the packet.*/
gsTxPacket.u8DataLength = 0; -----------------------> Error occurs here
gsTxPacket.pu8Data = &gau8TxDataBuffer[0];
gsTxPacket.u8MaxDataLength = 128;
gsRxPacket.u8DataLength = 0;

I'm getting an error as follows:
[Error : c2450: Expected: ;]---->for the indicated line

thanks in advance

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