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i.MX51 SBMR - e-Fuses & GPIO overrides

Discussion created by Bojan Merela on Oct 12, 2011
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We try to boot i.MX51 from NAND flash, but we have some difficulties...


1. All e-Fuses are intact (not burned)

2. We use GPIO pins to override e-Fuses (GPIO_BT_SEL = intact)

3. But not all GPIO pins are sampled to SBMR, just some...

4. For example we can set BT_MEM_TYPE to: 01 and it reflects in SBMR, but setting this to: 10 shows up as 00 in SBMR, on the iMX51 EVK board we see the same result

5. We are reading SBMR using ATK (custom nand kernel image). BMODE=00 and BMODE=10

6. If we program some binary to flash than we will not get to the serial downloader


any clues?


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