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How to read and write EEPROM on 68HC08 with Cosmic compiler?

Discussion created by Nick Alexeev on Mar 14, 2007
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I’m not new to microcontroller programming. But I’m very new to 68HC08 and the Cosmic compiler. I normally use PICs and CCS compiler.


What’s the correct way to read and write the EEPROM on 68HC08? As far as I understand, the Cosmic compiler allows pointers to EEPROM and Flash. I have tried reading with this:




char* pEeprom = (char*)MAKE16(receive_buffer[0], receive_buffer[1]);   /* EEPROM location */ transmit_buffer[1] = *pEeprom;



I’m getting 0xFF from every EEPROM location. It’s a little suspicious, but it’s conceivable that the whole EEPROM is initialized with 0xFF


But after I write with this





char* pEeprom = (char*)MAKE16(receive_buffer[0], receive_buffer[1]);   /* EEPROM location */ *pEeeprom = receive_buffer[2];               /* actually write too EEPROM */


and then read it, I still get 0xFF. That’s clearly a problem. Could you look at my code and identify the errors?


To continue describing the same problem, the other parts of the code use the variables declared with @eeprom, as the only method of accessing EEPROM.  That approach works.  However, I need to write an R&D utility that would read/write the EEPROM based on the address, whether or not there is a variable declared at that address.  So, in my code I’m trying to do the following:

-         Receive 2 bytes through a serial port

-         Cast them into a pointer that would point to the EEPROM.  I.e. the pointer is between 0x0600 and 0x0DFF.  I’ve got this range from the memory map in the 68HC08’s datasheet.

-         Dereference the pointer to read or write


Do you think this approach can work?





P.S.  Is there a forum dedicated to Cosmic compiler?