Grant Erickson

RD3152MMA7260Q and Wireless Interference

Discussion created by Grant Erickson on Mar 14, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2007 by Anne Hanselmann
After about a week of successful use, I ran into an odd problem today with the RD3152MMA7260Q "ZSTAR" evaluation system.

In the week prior, I had been successfully running experiments in one room of the building, in which the computer, USB stick, sensor stick and the device-under-test were all colocated in the same room.

Today, based on success there, I decided to move to a different lab and conduct another series of tests. Bringing the USB stick, sensor stick and computer to the new lab, I attempted to calibrate the sensor and found that all the communication with the USB (or perhaps both USB and sensor stick) was garbled (packets missing information, particularly, the 'v' "extended data" packet).

I tried moving the USB sensor stick back to the adjacent lab while leaving the device-under-test and the sensor stick in the new lab. To my amazement, it worked successfully.

So, my question is, what sources of interference are likely to influence the USB-to-sensor board communications? Moreover, what would cause interference when both were co-located in the new lab vs. being separated some 10-15 feet by a wall where no interference was observed?