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Command Line Arguments

Question asked by Janell Armstrong on Mar 13, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2007 by Janell Armstrong
I am using CodeWarrior version 5.7.0 to program a ZigBee mote (MC13213, an HC08 device). I've copied and pasted C before, but this is my first time in several years actively using the language.

While I trying to determine why the code is not successfully linking, I realized I don't even understand what the command line arguments indicate. Can someone explain what the following means, please?

-B -M -WmsgSd1100 -WmsgSd1912

I believe these are the default command line arguments for CodeWarrior, but the BeeKit might have generated them for me.

Any recommends on good web or print source to learn about the linker would also be appreciated.