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M52223EVB: USB and Intel 82801EB chipset

Discussion created by Silver Mols on Mar 12, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2007 by Silver Mols
We are going to use CMX USB stack for MCF52222X.
While working with it, i've experienced following problem:
When connecting the M52223EVB board with PC (IBM ThinkCentre desktop with Intel 82801EB chipset ) using USB, Windows XP SP2 detects new hardware, but couldn't install the driver. Just adds an "Unknown device" with VID_0000&PID_0000 seen from "Device Manager". Doesn't matter if running HID or CDC demo.
Trying to solve the problem, researched the web about it a lot, then reinstalled the Windows XP SP2, updated BIOS, updated all drivers from IBM and Intel, tryed different USB ports - but nothing.
Failed also with other ThinkCentres with Windows 2000 SP4 (different models of ThinkCentre, but with Intel 82801EB). Using the same PC's with extra PCI-USB card (VIA chip) works fine.

The board and USB works fine with IBM ThinkCentre with 82801G chipset. So i guess the problem comes with 82801EB.
* 82801EB chipset works with other USB devices.
* CMX USB stack works with other chipsets.
Possible conflict sources:
* USB stack bug which appears only when using with 82801EB (timing e.g.)
* Evaluation board M52223EVB hardware and 82801EB chipset "handshaking".

Anyone knows a fix or workaround for it?