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I am trying to get iMX51 NFC working with flash chip: HY27UF2G2B (HYNIX) ...


1. initial setup (NFC_CFG1 ... NFC_CFG3)

2. send reset command (0xFF) and measure RB signal (the device is busy for aprox. 5us so I am assuming the device accepted the command)

3. I am waiting in a loop for INT bit and it doesn't get set (NFC_IPC)

4. no further command can be send

5. RB_B bit in NFC_IPC is always zero (busy) even before the reset command is sent

6. when setting NANDF_RB_B pad to GPIO I can see that RB signal is high


Any clues why this doesn't work? axi_clk to flash clk ratio problem? pad settings? other settings?