RT2571W USB WiFi support on Adeneo Gingerbread 4.0 release

Discussion created by PSC PSC on Oct 6, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2015 by Dragan Ostojic

Hi all,

Have any one successfully use the USB WIFi dongle on i.MX53 QSB?

I've tried to compile the RT73 module and there is no reponse when the dongle is plugin.

Below is the kernel log:

<6>usb 1-1.3: new high speed USB device using fsl-ehci and address 4
<7>phy1: Selected rate control algorithm 'minstrel'
<7>Registered led device: rt73usb-phy1::radio
<7>Registered led device: rt73usb-phy1::assoc
<7>Registered led device: rt73usb-phy1::quality



If I plugin to PC, it should show:

[10016.461531] usb 1-1: USB disconnect, address 13
[10122.520196] usb 1-1: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 14
[10123.017041] usb 1-1: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice
[10123.397117] phy2: Selected rate control algorithm 'minstrel'
[10123.419621] Registered led device: rt73usb-phy2::radio
[10123.419721] Registered led device: rt73usb-phy2::assoc
[10123.426675] Registered led device: rt73usb-phy2::quality
[10123.636580] udev: renamed network interface wlan0 to wlan1
[10123.643171] rt73usb 1-1:1.0: firmware: requesting rt73.bin
[10124.302519] ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): wlan1: link is not ready

I'm wondering why I don't have the configuration debug message and hasn't asked for any firmware.