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Using the SHT11 with HC908GP32

Discussion created by Jim Toutoulis on Mar 11, 2007
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Hello to everyone, I'm a student and i'm working on a project. I started to learn C language two months ago so i don't have enough experience with this.I want to use the SHT11 sensor .
 I'm using the microcontroller HC908GP32 and ICC08 from ImageCraft as a C-compiler and ICS08GPGTZ(Win IDE development environment) to input the < .S19> files to the device.
The development board which I'm using is non a commercial board.
 Relative to the programming part I considered to put a led inside the code to help me find the error, when the led is on  it means that the code runs ok until led. I believe that the error must be in the function <<char s_read_statusreg(unsigned char *p_value, unsigned char *p_checksum)>> or in the function <<char s_write_statusreg(unsigned char *p_value)>>
 The purpose of the project is to check the temp and humi. If temp get over the 40 degrees of celsius a funcooler must be start and something similar with  the value of humidity. I will attach the codes below first the prototype one from sensirion's web site and second the incorrect one.
I would be very grateful on any advice with this. 

Regards Jim.