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disabling all interrupts on mcf5282

Discussion created by Jakob Wachtel on Mar 9, 2007
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I'm using mcf5282 coldfire on the evaluation board DNP/EVB6 Board Revision 1.2.
I want to simulate a 48VDC-communication-bus which consists of signals with the length of 5 and 15µs. For Linux not to interact while sending a sequence of signals I want to disable all interrupts.
This is what I'm trying:

1. save Interrupt Mask Register into a variable
2. disable all interrupts
3. send signal
4. write saved variable back to IMR

Im using the m68k-elf-gcc for compilation of my c-code, which is attached to this post. This is how I compile:
m68k-elf-gcc -Wall -m5307 mbus.c -o mbus -Wl,-elf2flt -lc

Compiles nice but when I try to run my executable on the coldfire I get just one message:
memory fault.

Do you have an idea about what I'm doing wrong?
Maybe you have a hint for me. I'd appreciate it very much.

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