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Capturing analog video with i.MX51 CSI Port and TVP5147 TV Encoder -blog archive

Discussion created by Lautaro Carmona on Sep 26, 2011

Hi Everyone!

My name is Lautaro Carmona, I'm from Argentina and, together with Jose Alvite and Fernando Tolassi we're working in a project that consists (as the title says) in capturing analog video with i.MX51 CSI Port and TVP5147 TV Encoder.

Our main goal is to connect analog baseband video to our TVIN board (through CVBS, YPbPr or S-Video connectors), then capture it through the MX51 CSI Port, and then compress it in H.264 using the MX51 VPU.

So far, we have made our TVIN board using TVP5147M1 TV Encoder and SN74AVCA164245 bus transceiver (in order to level shift TVP 3.3V I/O outputs to 1.8V).

We connect this board to the i.MX51 CSI1 Port through the X11 80-pin connector of the SBC-i.MX51.

We also made our own TVP5147 driver that uses the MXC V4l2 API (we based on the ADV7180 driver).