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CRUX ARMHF - september report -blog archive

Discussion created by nico macrionitis on Sep 23, 2011
From July I only did some minor updates. And my work was still focused on the new toolchain that is really advanced and actually better than cruxppc one
i used as start point (and it already has graphite support from 2.6

Everything is always available, the server ( was offline a couple of weeks ago 'cause a disk failure but i successfully repaired it and the raid5
helped me a lot.

- From July just some minor update (not yet released) i did:
*) binutils is now 2.21.53-20110722 and we always must wait for the
upcoming 2.22 stable release ;
*) file-5.09 fixes arm/ppc bugs thus no fedora's patches are needed
anymore ;
*) cloog is now 0.16.3 ;
*) i rebuilt gcc and binutils against the new cloog-0.16.3 (ABI
changed) ;
*) i've updated the kernel to 3.1.0-rc6+(pengutronix+rtp's patches) but audio and sdma are still unable to work and, now, rtc is not perfect.