Jason Rice

iMX53 - OpenGL ES 2.0 - GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY

Discussion created by Jason Rice on Sep 22, 2011

Anybody know of a good way to monitor OpenGL memory?


There's no real warning until you run out and try to render.  Then it's too late.  I stack a bunch of textures up, push them to GL, it smiles sweetly without a hint of trouble from



The last several textures (2-3 MB worth) seem fine but generate GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY only after they are bound to geometry and then drawn.


Anybody out there have a good method to monitor memory use inside OpenGL without babysitting every texture/buffer creation ?  I don't really know the state of memory use by the time I get control of it, so "Hey, just count the memory you're using" is not very viable.