Brandon Castillo

Real-time debugger problem

Discussion created by Brandon Castillo on Mar 8, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2007 by Steve Mcaslan
Hi all,
I am using CW4.6 and P&E DBM for a mc9s12e64 microcontroller.  I am having difficulties debugging my program because the real-time debugger will not show changes in my declared variables.  I am reading information from the ATD (10 byte resolution) and inserting it into a word.  I know the information is there because it will respond to the conditions, but in the data and memory screen it shows the values as 0.  For instance:
ATDInputs_GetValue16(&myValue[0]); // Value 1000 inserted into myValue[0]
if(myValue[0] == 1000){
  //"do stuff"
The program will run and "do stuff" but the debugger will still show myValue[0] as 0.  It makes it extremely diffucult to see where my calculations are going awry.  Why will my data not show up on the real-time debugger?  Any suggestions are appreciated!!  I'm completely lost.
Thanks in advance!