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Interfacing BT HCI to i.mx515 UART2 instance

Discussion created by Yogesh Yogesh on Sep 22, 2011
Hi,  We have interfaced EIM pins of i.MX515 i.e EIM_D17 & EIM_D18 in ALT3 Mode (RX/TX of UART2 instance) and EIM_D25 & EIM_D26 in ALT4 mode (CTS/RTS of UART2 Instance) for Bluetooth HCI host interface and accordingly we have configured four EIM data pins as TX/RX/CTS/RTS and we observed that CTS is not being driven low by i.mx51 and hence BT module would not send data to i.MX (host). Can any one advise on this issue. Is this driver issue or something else. We are getting RTS line driven low from module side.  Regards YK