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mxc_request_iomux() seg fault

Discussion created by Jason White on Sep 22, 2011
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I'm configuring a GPIO as an input for an interrupt for a network device driver.  It works fine the first time around as I bring the interface up.  But if I 'reboot' the board, the next time I bring the interface up a seg fault occurs.  I'm using an IMX35 running a version of Linux 2.6.31.


Unhandled fault: imprecise external abort (0xc06) at 0x00000000
Internal error: : c06 [#1] PREEMPT

PC is at mxc_request_iomux+0x2c/0x154


It looks to be a read of 0x00 if I understand the above, but I am new at Linux device drivers.  Here is how I am configuring the driver.


mxc_request_iomux(MX35_PIN_HCKR, MUX_CONFIG_ALT5);

mxc_iomux_set_input(MUX_IN_GPIO1_IN_6, INPUT_CTL_PATH1);

                    PAD_CTL_DRV_NORMAL | PAD_CTL_SRE_SLOW;
mxc_iomux_set_pad(MX35_PIN_HCKR, pad_setting);


I also have

gpio_request(IOMUX_TO_GPIO(MX35_PIN_HCKR), NULL);

but not sure if the above two lines are really needed.


I have

mxc_free_iomux(MX35_PIN_HCKR, MUX_CONFIG_ALT5);

when the interface is brought down.  Whether I bring the interface down or not, the seg fault still occurs.  The only way to bring the interface up without a seg fault is to totally power off the board.  I've looked into mxc_request_iomux() but I can't see anywhere within that would cause a seg fault.


It seems like something needs to be unconfigured prior to rebooting since a power off fixes it, but I can't seem to find out what.


Any ideas on what to do?