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Upgrading Gstreamer packages version in Gstreamer -blog archive

Discussion created by Fabio Estevam Employee on Sep 22, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2014 by Sachin Deshpande

In many cases users want to be able to try the latest features of Gstreamer running on a more updated version than the one provided by LTIB.


The steps below show how to perform such upgrade.




Fabio Estevam


1. Upgrade glib2 to 2.28.8:

- Copy attached glib2 spec to dist/lfs/5.1/glib2/glib2.spec ( glib2.spec)

- Download glib2-2.28.8.tar.bz2 from the web and copy it to /opt/freescale/pkgs

./ltib -p glib2 -m prep
./ltib -p glib2 -m scbuild
./ltib -p glib2 -m scdeploy

2. Upgrade gstreamer-core

- Copy attached gstreamer-core spec to dist/lfs/5.1/gstreamer-core/ (gstreamer-core.spec )

- Download gstreamer-core-0.10.35.tar.gz from the web and copy it to /opt/freescale/pkgs

./ltib -p gstreamer-core -m prep
./ltib -p gstreamer-core -m scbuild
./ltib -p gstreamer-core -m scdeploy

3. Upgrade gstreamer-base

- Copy attached gstreamer-base spec to dist/lfs/5.1/gst-plugins-base/ ( gst-plugins-base.spec)

- Download gst-plugins-base-0.10.35.tar.gz  from the web and copy it to /opt/freescale/pkgs

./ltib -p gst-plugins-base -m prep
./ltib -p gst-plugins-base -m scbuild
./ltib -p gst-plugins-base -m scdeploy

4. Upgrade gstreamer-bad

- Copy attached gst-plugins-bad spec to dist/lfs/5.1/gst-plugins-bad/ (gst-plugins-bad.spec )

- Download gst-plugins-bad-0.10.22.tar.gz  from the web and copy it to /opt/freescale/pkgs

./ltib -p gst-plugins-bad -m prep
./ltib -p gst-plugins-bad -m scbuild
./ltib -p gst-plugins-bad -m scdeploy

Do the same for the other gst packages.

In this example I didn´t apply the specific Freescale patches, but it is trivial and recommended to apply them.