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"Custom" kernel HOWTO anywhere?

Discussion created by Don Don on Sep 22, 2011
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Running into a problem that I cannot find a solution too.


Starting with the IMX25PDK source as a jumping off point.  I can build the "stock" kernel, utils etc just fine.  However I am needing to add files to the kernel for our custom board we are developing.  When I rebuild the kernel with the new files, LTIB deletes the linux-2.6.31 directory and decompresses the original kernel - hence wiping out our custom board files(source).  I tried adding the command line option "--leavesrc" but it appears to have no effect.  It always wipes out the linux kernel source.


I'm contemplating using the "custom" kernel feature but the LTIB documentation is kinda sparse on how to do this.


I did find this thread :


but it didn't help...our custom files keep getting deleted.


I also found this :

I'm investigating this attempt, but if anyone has any advice/links, etc, it would be MUCH appreciated.