Nikilesh Subramonium

Problem downloading Appliaction code using Embedded Bootloader

Discussion created by Nikilesh Subramonium on Mar 8, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2007 by David Payne
We have problem downloading the demo application code(Wireless UART application code)into the target.We don hv the P&E multilink BDM opted for embedded bootloader.
We followed the porcedure given in Embedded bootloader reference manual.As given there
step1: freescale zigbee->test tool->test tool.exe
step 2:in menu tools->Communication list of devices click ADD internal.Here COM1 and bAud rate of 19200 wer selected.then closed list of devices.
step 3:in menu View->Embedded Bootloader->list of devices->Zigbee COM 1 appeared.clicked Ok.

step 3: Cant find device dialog box appeared..We selected the target manually(MC13192-SARD)...
step 4: List of application appeared->Demo wireless UART selected....then clicked UPLOAD.....
We got an error which read
"Timeout waiting for Download Firmware to complete!"
Please help us with this......We are also not surewhether the Embedded bootaloader code is present in the to find this out.....
Thanks in advance....