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additional serial port on iMX25PDK

Discussion created by aditya gawand on Sep 18, 2011
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Hello Everyone,


I need to know how to access the additional serial port on iMX25PDK (personality board). There is a male DB9 connector given on the main personality board. I am guessing it is the "/dev/ttymxc1" port. The "/dev/ttymxc0" is on the debug board which is being used for console. I need a serial port other than console. I tried "cat /dev/ttymxc1" on the console, shorted the rx-tx to see if what I type is reflected, but nothing comes.

I have also written a program to open and write the serial port using termios , it is successfully opening and wrtiting it, but nothing comes on the actual hardware. I have tested this program on ubuntu desktop, and it works perfectly. Is there any jumper setting I am not aware of ? ALso, I know the iMX25 has 5 UARTs, is there any way to bring them out on the board if possible ?