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Configuring the resolution of the VGA to support 800x600 and 640x480

Discussion created by Shishir Jha on Sep 16, 2011
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Hello to all,

I have been working with imx53 board for last few days and am loving it. I have android up and running, but ran into resolution problem. The screen that I want to use the imx53 for is 800x600 or even better if it is 800x480. Present resolution of 1024x768 was good on a monitor but the touch panel that I have now will not accept that resolution. Though I have the task of integrating the touch screen driver in the kernel still ahead of me, I would like to get the resolution right first. I am using the VGA port and not the LVDS output for the touch panel display. 

Looking at the Kernel Source it looks like I need to edit the frame buffer definitions in mx53loco.c but I am not sure what values to input there to define a mode for 800x600 and 800x480. 

Any help in this matter would be great. 

Also, has anyone tried soldering a momentary push button switch on to the Power button to get the Power button out on a case for switching the board on and off. I am skeptical on whether I should do it or not and if it would affect the PMIC in any way.