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Newbie question.

Discussion created by sean hatch on Mar 7, 2007
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So I'm a student. We learn to program the HC12 but stay with me as this really is an 8 bit thread.

In lab we have this super hefty development board. If you're going to answer this question you know what I'm talking about. They are huge; they've got 7 segment displays, LEDS, and most importantly, a lovely USB connection which makes loading the HC12 with the s19 file extremely easy.

Summer is coming up and I have this job where I work about 6 hours/day. Which leaves me plenty of time a simple robot. I plan on using an HC08.

The primary question I have is: If I buy a DIP HC08 from say digikey, how the heck do I program it? It seems buying (or building) a development board like we have in lab is a bit excessive (and probably a little expensive) so what am I to do? I suppose I could build a much simpler board, but I have no idea how to do that, either.

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