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help please m68evb9s12c32

Discussion created by Omar Escalante on Mar 7, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2007 by Alban Rampon
hi good afternoon, i need your help please
i have a problem because i want to learn to program the microcontroller m68evb9s12c32,
i know how to program PIC from microchip this i learned thanks at the next page: programs thanks to this i learned how to program pics
but now i want to program 68evb9s12c32 and i want to ask you if you know any web page
or link where i can find some sample projects to learn how to program the last one.
because i want to know make de same that pic but in motorola i just want know any webpage
where i can take some sample projects from reference
thanks a lot thankyou

PD iam student of mechatronic engineering from sonora mexico