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MC9RS08KA2 voltage comparisons

Discussion created by Ylan Iacobovici on Mar 6, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2007 by bigmac
I am working on a project where I have placed two resistors in series and placed a wire between those resistors that connects to my PTA0. Depending on the voltage between those resistors, I want to set my A register to a certain value. Does anyone know how this can be done. I don't want to use the ACMP- and ACMP+ comparison since I don't have a value that would be coming from PTA1 to compare my PTA0 to. And I don't think i can use the internal bandgap reference voltage since it is only 1.2 V, according to the specs. Does anyone know of another way to do this? I need to have values for 3.3V (which is my VDD), 1.6V, and 0V. If it were only 3.3V and 0V I would think it would be easier since I can just check if logical value of the pin is either 1 or 0. If anyone could get me some suggestions I would really appreciate it. Thanks.