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Support for HCS08GT8A/16A parts with OSBDM

Question asked by Jaromir Sukuba on Mar 5, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2007 by Jaromir Sukuba
Hi all,
I'm not sure, if this message belongs to OSBDM or Codewarrior forum.

I want to start project using OSBDM to debug with GT16A target. I'm using CW5.1, applied patch to add support for GT16A part, but I'm unable to select OSBDM as debugger for this part. For GT16 (non-A) it is possible to select OSBDM. See figures here
and here

Just for test, I tried to select GT16 part in CW and everything seems to work correctly, Hiwave asked me to select proper device, MCUID for GT16 and GT16A part, after selecting GT16A (so Hiwave knows GT16A and OSBDM can work with GT16A) I'm able to debug my GT16A target.

Is there something I did wrong so that I can't select OSBDM for GT16A target in CW5.1?

Thanks for your time