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Discussion created by Wayne Howell on Mar 4, 2007
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I'm interested in any feedback from people that have used PE in anger.
I'm in a state of some confusion about it's purpose and whether it is actually useful ...
I've spent the last week going through major pain with license keys. I can see from a search of this forum that I'm not alone int this.
The main license key problem was related to PE and getting all its functions working. I'm working with the S12 part with the ethernet port.
I was seriously considering parting with several thousand pounds for the fully fledged license ...
My logic is that PE can be used as a very cool way to build components just as we do in a RAD package such as Borland C++Builder.
This was all looking good until I started actually using it. The ethernet 'bean' (which requires the expensive license) is full of bugs. In actual fact, it simply doesn't work. Now it is fair to say that it only wasted a few hours of my life to fix the show stoppers. But if I'm paying real money for a library tool then I expect the code to work out of the box.
In addition to this, the example project for PE on the same part is also flawed.
I'm currently planning to save my money, dump PE and revert to hand coding a few useful libraries of my own.
I'd be very interested to hear if anyone has similar or indeed different experiences.
Finall, can I ask the powers that be to sort out your licensing! We're not criminals, we're just trying to go our job and use your software ...