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u-boot and config_evn_extra_setting

Discussion created by Steve Iribarne on Aug 31, 2011
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Sorry for the stupid message to the group.  I sent it before realizing I needed to add this discussion and not blast everyone an email.


So I have the evk and bootlets and all that good stuff building on my system. 
(Ubunutu Linux true (not a vm)) 

 I use the makefile from the imx-bootlets-src-10.12.01.tar.gz file to create a boot stream from the u-boot elf I built. 
The sources of the u-boot are from the ltib (I don't use ltib I have my own build system which I've used for 2 years on the mx25)  

I just took the u-boot directory and patches from the ltib.  

I load the boot stream onto my evk all fine and dandy with my cool ported usb downloader that runs on 

The one thing that is driving me nuts and maybe someone else has seen this, is that in the 
mx28_evk.h I set CONFIG_EXTRA_ENV_SETTINGS to a bunch of nfs boot params so I don't have 
to type it in everytime.  

When I type printenv at the u-boot prompt I see...   

GNET MX28 U-Boot > printenv 
ver=U-Boot 2009.08-svn45823 (Aug 30 2011 - 17:04:15)  Environment size: 106/130044 bytes 
GNET MX28 U-Boot > 

GNET MX28 U-Boot >   

Nothing nadda .. nothing of interest to me.  
You'll also notice that the CONFIG_SYS_PROMPT works so I know my header file is being picked. 
 I even went so far as to hexdump the to see if I could find the string and all my 
stuff is there.  

oiy vey!  

I'm sure I'm missing some stupid u-boot #define CONFIG_TURN_THIS_ENV_ON param somewhere. 

 I thought I'd ask you guys to see if you've seen this.  
Thanks in advance.