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Freescale Wireless Demo

Discussion created by David Evennou on Mar 3, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2007 by Pavel Lajsner
Hi all,
I went to a Freescale wireless seminar in Michigan about a year ago. We used a small demo board in the lab tests and I am having a difficult time locating that demo board on the Freescale site. I think the demo board has both an 8 bit MPU and the wireless chip on it. Basically, I only need to run a simple field test in a factory for range and dead spots. The resulting functionality I will need is to send 1-4 bytes of data to a mobile cart using wireless.
So, I have a few questions for the group:
1. What is that demo board part number and is it available?
2. Can I just use the wireless chips in a "test mode" where just the "carrier" is transmitted to a receiver and do something like light up a LED if signal is present?
3. Any other suggestions on making a simple site test?

Thanks so much!