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Configure ethernet PHY on second MAC

Discussion created by Mike Morrell on Aug 23, 2011
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We have a custom designed board where the ethernet phy is connected to the second ethernet mac on the i.MX28. The first MAC is not used and the pins are not configured for it but the platform data is still defined for it in the device.c file. I can start the interface eth0 and it detects the phy okay but I cannot get it to either transmit or receive data. I am getting a connection LED and a 100M speed LED light on the ethernet connector and the connection LED is blinking when it tries to send data. I put a scope on the ENET1_TX_EN pin and it never changes state. I used wireshark and I see no packets being transmitted and I do not receive an IP address from DHCP.  I am thinking the problem is that the driver is trying to drive the MAC0 instead of the MAC1 which is attached to the phy. I am using the LAN8720A phy, the same as on the EVK board. Anyone know how to modify the fec.c or device.c files to make this configuration work?