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New Android R10.3 BSP for i.MX50, i.MX51 and i.MX53 -blog archive

Discussion created by Enrique Ochoa Vazquez Employee on Aug 23, 2011

The new Android R10.3 release is now available on the www.freescale.com page.


  • Files available



IMX5X_R10_3_ANDROID_DOCSBUNDLEAndroid BSP Documentation. Includes Android R10.3 Release Notes and User's Guide


IMX5X_R10_3_ANDROID_SOURCECODEAndroid R10.3 Demo Image, documentation and Source Code for BSP and Codecs..


ACCP_CODECS_ANDROID_10_3ACC Plus Codec for Android  R10.3


  • Target HW boards
    • i.MX50 EVK 
    • i.MX53 SABRE Tablet
    • i.MX51 EVK
  • What we got in this release:
    • Base version is upgraded to android-2.3.4_rc1
    • CTS 2.3_r4 (i.MX53 SABRE Tablet only)
      • One time run.
        • 13610 CTS case can be finished in one test cycle for most running.
        • There is still possibility that CTS is stopped in following cases.
          • USB cable need be reconnected: This is a known issue in CTS tool, which we have reported to Google.
          • board freeze during reboot(<5%):Root cause still uncertain.
        • Pass rate
          • i.MX53 TABLET ---- 3 failure cases left among all 13610 cases
            •  1 failure is caused by CTS case itself, which has been reported to Google CTS community.
            •  2 failures are caused by the cellular network condition. These two cases are for 3G which failed to retrieve SMS delivery report within 5 minutes for fragmented long SMS.
        • Note: CTS result depends on many factors
          • Tested Target (i.e. HW board, SW running on it)
            The above pass rate (3 failure cases) is tested with specified test target (i.MX53 TABLET + Android R10.3 SW).
            When running CTS on different target (e.g. on customer's board, or with modified SW), you may get various CTS result
          • Environment (i.e. cellular/wifi network condition, network configuration, HW board stability, etc)
            Even with same test target (i.e. same HW+SW), run CTS several times may get various result. For example, those 2 3G related failures cases above may pass sometimes.
      • Add some new features
        • Enable android ringtone
        • VPU firmware is upgraded to 1.4.41
          • unlimited VPU instance number ( fix system slow down when long time flash playing) 
        • Enable HW BLT with Z160 on i.MX508, better performance when use LCD.
        • Video playback on dual screen. 
          • Note: disabled in default ,please refer to user guide for enable it.
        • Add back atheros ar6102 support in i.MX51 
        • Return to SD boot and ext4 file system as default on i.MX508
        • Enable receive SMS and SMS deliver report for EM770W 
      • stability improvement
        • 3G is more stable than before 
          • fix race condition issue (get wrong DNS for HuaWei 3G modem)
          • fix DNS contamination between wifi and 3G.
  • What are the main issues left
    • Storage
      • UMS: In windows the SD card is full after erase, when the FAT partition is smaller than 64k cluster.       
      • Multimedia
        •  Camera: Picture of 5M pixel is not good.
      • Power
        •  Battery status report of capacity is wrong
        •  Cannot resume from suspend after suspend/resume for 10+ times with camera preview
      • connectivity
        • OTG host<-->device function switch error
        • BT PAIR/FTP between PC and device is unstable