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Loading code into S12X problems

Question asked by Thomas Gaffney on Feb 27, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2007 by Thomas Gaffney
I am working with a MC9S12XDT256 part with Codewarrior for HC12 Professional Edition and am having trouble after I load the code into flash.
The loading of the S19 file seems to go ok but once the program starts running, it stops and says an ILLEGAL_BP error occurred.  This seems to be occuring right away in the startup code (before I get to main).
I then looked at the hardware schematics and noticed MODB and MODA are not tied to ground or VDD.  The hardware designer left one of the pins open while using another pin as a GPIO pin to an external hardware chip.
My question is there anything else I should be making sure I setup as part of the startup process or is it not working because the MODB and MODA pins are not connected properly.  If this is the case, am I out of luck or is there a possible workaround?
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