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GStreamer with video acceleration

Discussion created by William Smith on Aug 18, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2011 by Kan Hu

Hi, I've been trying to get GStreamer with video acceleration working on the i.mx515. I am running Ubuntu Maverick on the Genesi Efika.

I see that indeed some GStreamer plugins exist for i.mx: 



I have installed various -dev versions of libraries and have gotten pretty far into the build, but my compilation always stops in the parser section, seemingly due to missing header files. I get 

aiurregistry.h:59: error: expected specifier-qualifier-list before 'FslParserGetMetaData"


I can't find where FslParserGetMetaData would be defined anywhere, although I did find a header called fsl_parser.h from a tarball called libfsl-mm-core-dev-1.7.2-2.sendai2.tar.gz from an Ubuntu archive. It did not have the definition and it seemed to be old.


Does anyone know where I can find the headers for being able to compile the GStreamer plugin for i.mx515. (Perhaps it is the same steps needed for compiling for the mx53, since the source package requires a PLATFORM= value for the ./config script, which includes MX51, MX53 and so on.