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How to download program to Flash of MC13213 through the super terminal of window xp

Discussion created by Cho Sau Ngai on Feb 26, 2007
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Dear all,
I have design a device to collect signals from mouse's brain. I want to process the signal by the mc13213 and transmit the data to desktop by zigbee of the MC13213
The problem is that, how to use the super terminal of window xp to communicate with my device. I followed all the step freescale beekit. I use the sample code of PER test TX & RX, but there is no display as the document said.:
----------------SMAC RX PACKET TEST-------------------
SW1 - Start Test
SW2 - Change Channel

Since my board is not the development board, so i disable all the switch and LCD output, and I just use the SCITransmitStr to print something to the terminal.

SCITransmitStr("\r\r------ SMAC RX PACKET TEST -------\r");
SCITransmitStr("SW1 - Start Test\r");
SCITransmitStr("SW2 - Change Channel\r");

did i do anything wrong? I think for the initialization, i dont need to do any change since i am using the same MCU with the sample code.
I just keep the following function unchanged

could anyone help me?? It is my Final Year Project.

Thank you very much!
Kelvin Ngai



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