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NE64 project with SMTP LOGIN authentication

Discussion created by Mark Butcher on Feb 26, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2012 by wen yabin
Hi All

NE64 users may like to know of new SMTP LOGIN authentication support available in the uTasker project.

See details, try online demo or the real software on your own board - here:
- - full description and user guide
- online demo. A DEMO9S12NE64 online - send yourself a test email.
- The S19 file for the NE64 and also web pages which can be loaded by FTP. Including a SMTP set up web page allowing activation of LOGIN and other SMTP configurations via browser.

See the uTasker home page for FAQs, tutorials etc. Also free download tool on the software page.

Don't forget that the project is free for educational and other non-commercial use. Hope you like it!!