Zoltan Lengyel

Beekit + promiscuous mode -Anyone tried it?

Discussion created by Zoltan Lengyel on Feb 24, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2007 by Ryan Striker
I am stuggling in demo wireless application in Beekit.
I would like my application to work in promiscuous mode to develop a sniffer.
I set the promiscuous mode and the RxOnWhenIdle mode to TRUE.
There is a network working with the demo application. When an end device joins the network the  MCPS_NWK_SapHandler of my device gets 1 message with message type gMcpsPromInd_c. (It should receive more: Assoc req, Ack, Assoc res, Ack) BUT when an end device sends data to the coordinator nothing happens, the MCPS_NWK_SapHandler is not even accessed.
Anyone know how to work properly in promiscuous mode ? Please help!