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Power From Serial for HC08 (GR8)

Discussion created by Avery Zycherman on Feb 24, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2007 by Avery Zycherman
Hi Guys,
I am currently powering my setup (GR8, MAX232N, a few sensors) with a USB cable that I hacked in two and pulled the V and G out of. The problem is that now I have this USB cable going into my device, taking up room, and not really doing much of anything except delivering power. What I am thinking is that maybe I can power the device using the serial port in a setup similiar to this:
So the question is: Could I draw enough power out of the serial port to power the chip and the couple of sensors? (QProx118H, Sharp IR Distance, LM34DZ Temp Sensor (x2))