Gregorio Lopez

Starting up with M52235EVB and sockets

Discussion created by Gregorio Lopez on Feb 24, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2007 by Paul McConkey
Hi, we have just started working with M52235EVB and we know very little about it. The first step in our project is to familiarize with sockets programming in this environment (we have never used sockets in any other one) and then we have to do a program which interconnect Zigbee interface (I think we have to use Daughter Card but I don't know exactly how) to TCP/IP interface. But first of all we think it's important to know what are the resources this kit provides us. I have already installed the drivers for the P&E Multilink that allows us to use the Background Debug Mode. There is another CD related with MQX, that we have found out that it is an operating system. Related with this issue we have the following doubt: should we upload MQX to the board for us to use sockets? And there is another CD which comes with some programs to test TCP/IP stack and I think it provides us the sockets interface. Any advice about which should be the first things we have to do or anything you know about whatever these issues will be wellcome. I know I have not been very precise in my questions so I apologize for that.

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