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HC908GP32 Monitor Mode

Discussion created by Adrian C. Morosan on Feb 23, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2007 by Nicolae Botezatu
I have a problem causing a POR to the HC908GP32.
I'm using this schema for programming the uC :
Also,all the connections regarding entering Monitor Mode are followed as in datasheet(pag130 of original datasheet).
Even when i completely disconnect Vdd from the uC,on this pin there is aprox. 2.5V.From where,i don't know.
If somebody could answer to my following questions,i'll apreciate alot:
1.When i "give" a POR to this uC,the RST line and all other lines which are used to configure the uC for entering MON must be keped to the coresponding logical level?
2.Do you have other scheme for a GP32 programmer?