Trevor Cullen

A/D with Multiplexing capabilities? Anyone help?

Discussion created by Trevor Cullen on Feb 21, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2007 by Bob Smith
I am starting my first programming project at home and would like to know if anyone has used the HC08 to do the following:
Receive upto 8 channels of analog audio
A/D convert them all
Place them all in an output bitstream
(ie digital multiplex of 8 analog inputs)
I figure that the A/D part is quite simple, when I actually start coding, but dont know if the multiplexing is even possible for this chip.
I am using assembly at the moment, I dont know any other languages yet!
The reason I want to do this is to receive 8 audio channels and send them to 8 other units to de multiplex audio that is relevant to that unit.
i.e. send 8 radio talk shows to 8 friends but only sending the show that i want that friend to hear.
As they are talk shows maybe I could only use a 4 bit A/D?
Any who has ideas or sample code for any part of this so that I can amend according to my requirements would be very welcome.