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Building a computer on a 68000 CPU

Discussion created by Jens Bauer on Feb 21, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2007 by Jens Bauer
Hi all,

We want to build a new computer, but to keep it cheap, we'd like to use the 68000.

As I'm a programmer, and do not know so much about electronics and how to connect the hardware, I'd like to ask you guys, if you can provide me with some answers that would just pop out of your mind. :smileywink:

I'm very fond of the Atari ST(e), that's basically why I've chosen the 68000.

The hardware we'd like to include is...
68000, 10 or 12MHz (perhaps a $5 CPU)
DMA for playing sounds (connects to 24bit DAC)
DMA for recording sounds (connects to 24bit ADC)
RTC (probably DS12887)
IDE harddisk interface
RAM, at least 1MB, preferrably upgradable to 15.x MB
EPROM, 16k would be enough, but preferrably 256k

What I'm hoping for, is that we can make a simple, fast, and low cost design. I'd prefer, though, ease and speed over cost.

Now, for the questions...

1: Approximately how many 16bit words can I transfer per second using a 12MHz CPU ?

2: (Roughly) how is hardware connected - If I want, for instance, to wire the DMA's registers to address $fffffc10, how would this preferrably be done?